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EVIC was registered on 25.11.2009 as a private Non-profit organization.

EVIC’s members are primarily companies, operating in the field of design and production of components, spare parts and services for conversion and production of electric vehicles.  

EVIC clusters together companies, organizations and experts, specialized in variety engineering, industrial and non-productional sectors from different regions of the country.

Central Laboratory of Applied Physics (CLAP) - Plovdiv

Central Laboratory of Applied Physics (CLAP) - Plovdiv - ndependent academic unit specializing in applied research activities. more...
Transport Electronics 91 – OOD /PLC/

The activity of Transport Electronics 91 – OOD focused on efficient energy usage is redounded by the production of electronic room the more...
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is the largest scientific organization in Bulgaria. more...