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Business Models

-Charging point for electric vehicles


Business models for realization in electric mobility

1. Model for the construction and development of national and regional network of charging stations for vehicles powered by alternative energy

- A network of chargers columns / filling stations for electrically vehicles (EVs)

- Network of modular battery charging stations for vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen and methane (CNG)


- Investors - private and institutional

- Producers of technology solutions for charging EVs, hybrid cars and hydrogen powered vehicles

- Developers of electronic control systems, control and upgrade of networks of charging stations

- Developers of specific applications to provide additional services to the users of electric vehicles

- Manufacturers of ENP and manufacturers of parts and components

- Manufacturers of supporting elements in building charging stations - electric boards elektroosiguritelni, fasteners and assembly components

- Car Dealers wishing to develop national and regional network for sales and service of EMS

- Producers and traders of electricity

- Owners and operators of petrol stations

- Leasing companies

- Insurance Companies

2. Model for the construction of urban and interurban transport system with electric evtobusi

- Design a flexible, highly efficient, ecological and intensive transport scheme for the provision of public urban transport through the introduction of electric buses intelligent charging network

- Delivery of elektrobusi powered by superkondenztori and related charging infrastructure.

- Embed system for selling electronic / mobile ticketing


- Municipalities in Bulgaria and abroad

- Private companies - licensed to carry passengers - in Bulgaria and abroad

- Investors - private and institutional

- Manufacturer of electrically-driven buses with supercapacitors

- Manufacturer of electric buses powered by batteries

- Manufacturer of battery charging stations

- Supplier of sale system with electronic / mobile ticketing

- Developers of electronic systems (platforms) for management, control and optimization of networks of electric buses and associated charging stations

3. Model for demonstration introducing a system for shared use of electric vehicles

- Delivery of two elektomobila and two charging stations for shared use by 10 families living in a city in different neighborhoods

- Measurement and analysis of the results at constant evaluation criteria used on conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines

- Development of an electronic system for management and control

- Combined shared use - for personal and business purposes (delivery of small consignments, logistics services)


- Investors - private and institutional

- Municipalities in Bulgaria

- Service management platform shared cars

- Provider of EVs

- Supplier of charging stations

4. Model for the development and construction of modular renewable energy production station and charge with electricity, hydrogen and methane enriched

- High-tech interconnected modular system for autonomous production, mixing and transformation of energy sources - electricity, hydrogen and natural gas.

- The produced energy will work in synchronous system and will be used for loading vehicles powered by alternative energy sources, and as a point of balancing the smart grid production and supply of electricity.


- Investors - private and institutional

- Research Institute with expertise in the production, storage and use of hydrogen and fuel cells to produce electricity from hydrogen

- Suppliers of technology solutions for systems for the production of hydrogen and electricity from RES

- Suppliers of solutions for production of electricity from RES

- Owners and operators of gas stations (CNG)

- Suppliers of solutions for loading vehicles with natural gas (CNG)

5. Model for the introduction of intelligent mobility in TSGCH (downtown) of municipalities in Bulgaria

- Gradual replacement of conventional municipal vehicles with environmentally friendly and highly efficient EPC (respite care, maintenance of parks and gardens, charging outlets patnichski vehicles, etc.).

- Development of charging infrastructure for charging EVs

- Establishing a system for renting electrically bike rental for movement TSGCH


- Municipalities

- Investors - private and institutional

- Suppliers of specialized freight and passenger EVs

- Suppliers of electricity. Bicycles

- Suppliers of zarchdni stations for EVs

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