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About IKEM Corp.

IKEM stock company incorporated on 25.11.2011g. from legal entities and individuals with expertise, knowledge and experience in the areas of sustainable energy development, electromobility and renewable energy sources.

The main activity of IKEM Corp. is doing business as National operator for charging infrastructure and production, distribution and sale of charging stations for Electric vehicles (EVs), smartgrid and software for managing networks.

Main shareholder is the National Branch Organization "Electric mobility" EVIC, as an association of companies, research institutions, educational institutions in the field of electric mobility.

IKEM Corp. performs commercial representation of Bulgarian and foreign companies, manufacturers, importers components and complete products in the electric industry.

The main task of IKEM Corp. is specialized in the conversion of cars to electric cars, as well as technological innovation, design and implementation of innovations in the production and conversion of electric cars.


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