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EVIC is 11 years old
Публикувано на: 25-11-2020

EVIC is 11 years old
And if 11 years ago electric mobility was only talked about, now this mobility is becoming an integral part of our lives. EVIC has contributed to this.
The organization is a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Assoation.
Electric mobility emerged as an independent new sector in the Bulgarian economy, which happened with the unanimous decision of the participants in the regular General Assembly of EVIC, held on March 7, 2014.
EVIC has established and for 11 consecutive years presented its annual awards for contribution to the promotion and promotion of electric mobility in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the grand prize - "Kubrat's sword". EVIC has created and developed a unique educational model - CCEM, for the connection between vocational, secondary and higher education in Bulgaria and the business.
Thanks to its principles, perseverance and hard work, EVIC encourages and supports the entry of electric mobility in Bulgaria. During these 11 years, hundreds of members and partners have helped and worked hard for a sustainable competitive environment, implementing models for mass urban transport, developing strategic projects for the benefit of industry and business.
To date, 62 Bulgarian and foreign companies, technical universities and organizations are members of the branch organization. Already 75 are the official partners of EVIC.
Officially, 16 Bulgarian Municipalities believed in the cause of the organization and signed official memoranda of cooperation, with the support of the Municipal Councils.
Thank you for the support of all your members and supporters!
We will continue to work actively to promote and accelerate the introduction of electric mobility in our country, because we believe that this will bring us positive at national and European level.
It is important for EVIC that Bulgaria is recognized as a leader in the development of technologies in the field of charging infrastructure, in the useful models for electric mobility in urban environments, shared mobility and others.
  Happy 11th birthday!


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