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EVIC Announces Nominations for the ''Kubrat Sword'' Awards
Публикувано на: 30-01-2020

EVIC Announces Nominations for the ''Kubrat Sword'' Awards
The nomination for the annual "Kubrat Sword" competition for contributing to the development of electric mobility in Bulgaria in 2019 has started.

The competition is being held for the ninth consecutive year, and the "Kubrat Sword" Prizes are awarded for contributing to the promotion and promotion of electric mobility in Bulgaria.

The national sector organization EVIC invites all those who follow the processes of electromobility in Bulgaria, directly to the results of the work of companies, experts and scientific units, to submit their nominations.

Download: "Application Form".

NOMINATIONS APPLY BY MARCH 22, 2020!    mail: office@emic-bg.org

For more about the awards, see HERE.


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