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EVIC and Education Bulgaria 2030 have signed a memorandum of cooperation
Публикувано на: 15-11-2019

EVIC and Education Bulgaria 2030 have signed a memorandum of cooperation

"Education Bulgaria 2030" is a non-governmental organization bringing together civil, private and public sector organizations for a common and long-term vision for quality education in Bulgaria by 2030.

The two countries are joining forces to develop the SCEM - a model for vocational education and training in the Electric Mobility sector.

The purpose of the agreement is to introduce new forms of training, carry out studies and analyzes related to policies in the fields of education, regional development, the labor market and others. Developing relationships in national, regional and international partnerships in various fields of education, public life, public policies, economy, trade, etc.

Joint participation in working groups on the implementation of EVIC project and European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH), on a grant project for the research and development of vocational education in the Electric Mobility sector and the need for personnel in Bulgaria and the countries of the region is forthcoming.

At this point, EVIC's official partners are 74.



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