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On February 20th, the meeting of the Sectoral Council for Electric Mobility (SECE) was held in the meeting room of the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

The Deputy Minister of Education Tanya Mihaylova, who expressed institutional support and willingness for partnership, attended the meeting.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility - EVIC, NAVET, the Center for Vocational Education at the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Vocational High School of Transport and Agrarian Technologies "N. Vaptsarov "- Haskovo, Vocational High School in Varna, Vocational High School of Nuclear Energy" Igor Kurchatov "- Kozloduy, Velizar Peev Vocational High School - Svoge, Vocational School of Transport and Energy" Henry Ford "- Sofia, Vocational High School of MSc - Gotse Delchev, Angel Kanchev University of Rousse, Todor Kableshkov Higher School of Transport, Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski ".

All participants agreed that the format of the council is a good practice for interaction between various stakeholders and institutions, which can be used as a model for other thematic areas and especially for improving the quality of vocational education.

The great progress of the initiative preceding the formation of the council, which has been able to form a working partnership with real measurable results in five professional high schools in the country within three years.

Priorities for work over the next 6 months:

    Administrative questions
    Issuance of an order by the Minister to convene a session of the SEMC;
    Finalize the text of the internal rules of procedure for the SEMC;
    Scheduling date for first meeting.
    Communicating with other institutions and organizations on behalf of the SEMC in order to achieve greater impact.
    Improvement of the material base

Upcoming activities:

    Members of the Council to include proposals during the public discussion of the National Program of the Ministry of Education and Science - deadline until 04.03.2019;
    Applying the National Program High Schools in cooperation with EVIC, BIA and Business - coordinated by Ognian Manolov.
    Continuation of visits by EVIC and businesses in high schools to promote electric mobility and demonstration of electric cars.

New Ideas:

    Establish a training center to an existing business to be attended by high school students;
    Sharing equipments between high schools on a regional basis - mobile / modular technologies to benefit from more than one high school on a rotation basis;
    Asking municipalities to use billboards and promotional posters in cities for the promotion of vocational education free of charge, and in particular the electrical mobility specialties;
    The business should share opportunities for specific jobs that may be occupied by electrical engineering graduates;
    Interviews with already started specialists who have completed the specialty;
    Partnership with BNT for a documentary about the professional education and the realization of the graduates;
    Entry into primary school students' hours of conversation about electrical mobility - for example, in physics classes;
    Open days in companies that employ such specialists;
    Update exam programs with the participation of high school representatives
    Procedure for introduction of specialty with expected shortage - the process will be coordinated by Mrs. Vanya Tvidosheva;
    Strengthening the information campaign to promote education in electrical mobility.

Other priorities:

    Search for funding opportunities for the activities to make the format more sustainable
    Link to the issues of electromobility and cybersecurity
    Continue Good Practice for Teacher Qualification
    Partnerships with other organizations

The order is to sign an Order by the Minister of Education and Science and the adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the BSEC.

Achieved results

To date, 20 trainers have been trained on the EVIC Model and the Electric Vehicles classes have been unveiled in five vocational high schools with 168 students. There are five training centers ready to start courses in parts of the professions "EFT technician" and "ETU fitter".

Thanks to the agreement signed between EVIC and VIFI Bulgaria (training organization of the Austrian Chamber of Industry), the courses held under the EPC are protected by a certificate.

More than 20 meetings with students in vocational high schools have been held by EVIC representatives to demonstrate EVS and motivate students and their parents to join ENP classes.

At the suggestion of EVIC and BIA, new codes for positions in the field of electrical mobility were introduced in the National Classifier of Occupations and Posts (NDKP).


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