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The first National Conference on Cybersecurity and Electric Mobility in Bulgaria
Публикувано на: 09-10-2018

The first National Conference on Cybersecurity and Electric Mobility in Bulgaria

National Branch Organization for Electrical Mobility - EVIC organized and held the first of its kind national conference "Cybersecurity in Electrical Mobility and Digital Transformation in Energy Infrastructure".

The conference took place on October 26, 2018, at the Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski "- Sofia, as part of the European Cyber ​​Security Month 2018

It is attended by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Maria Gabriel. For the successful implementation, our partners have an outstanding contribution: Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski "- Sofia, Bulgarian Nuclear Society, Sofia Security Forum and New Power Plant, Eva Miidel - Member of the European Parliament.

With the media support of Darik Radio and "Utilities".

Moderator of the first part was Jordan Bozhilov, Chairman of the Sofia Security Forum. Opening with introductory words was made by Iliya Levkov, Chairman of the Board of IKEM and Gen. Grudi Angelov - Chief of Rector Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski ". Radosvet Radev, Executive Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, congratulated the participants on behalf of BIA, one of the leading nationally represented employers' organizations in Bulgaria

A keynote speech was made by EU Commissioner M. Gabriel. "By 2020, Europe will face a shortage of 300,000 qualified cyber security experts. That is why it is important to invest more in training highly skilled professionals, as is the Digital Europe program. We foresee 2 billion euros to be allocated to the cyber security sector, with 700 million euros for high digital skills training, "said the EU commissioner.

She emphasized that most companies today do not have their own cyber security experts, and citizens are also not cybersecurity experts. "Anyone using a digital device should be aware of the risks of cyber-security and have a good level of cyber-security. The SaferInternet4EU campaign, launched in February, is a very good tool for enhancing cyber-security for every user through published materials that step-by-step provide the most important personal cyber-

Steve Percer, Head of the Key Operations Unit at ENISA (EU Agency for Information Security), made a video address to the participants.

Speakers participated, Delyan Dobrev - Chairman of the National Energy Commission, Andrei Kovachev - Member of the European Parliament from the EPP Group, Petar Krumubashev - Member of the European Parliament from the PES Group. Emphasis was placed on the future Digital Europe agenda, the European 5G connectivity model, cyber security issues, and the development of ECMEC's ​​unique educational model for VET and its link to dual learning.

The conference was held in two panel modules with the possibility of discussions.

First Panel - Discussion "Cyber ​​Security in Electrical Mobility and Digital Transformation in Energy Infrastructure". Moderators were Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev and Dimitar Simidchiev.

Participants: Vladimir Yankov - ME, Todor Galev - Center for the Study of Democracy, Ivan Pironkov - Westinghouse and Stefan Apostolov - IKEM.

The main challenges of cyber security in energy and the relationship between the energy system and evolving "smart mobility" systems have been outlined and discussed.

Second Panel - Discussion "Educational Cyber ​​Security Model in Electrical Mobility and Digital Energy". Moderators were Dimitar Stoyanov from the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and Stefan Apostolov - a member of the Board of IKEM.

Participants: Kalchev Regiment - Military Academy, Vera Petkanchin - Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Svetlana Lomeva - Association for Development of Sofia and Valya Paleykova - Safer BG.

The educational model of ECMM, which systematically binds 6 professional high schools, two technical universities, Vocational Education Centers in the network of BIA and business, as well as the first joint masters in cyber security of BA and TU - Sofia was presented. Emphasis was also placed on non-formal education and opportunities for cooperation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

The outsourced presentations and subsequent discussions in the expert panels laid the foundations and showed a clear vision for the development of the processes and the possibility of interaction between the different stakeholders in the public, industrial and non-governmental sectors, including the educational institutions.

Cybersecurity and its development in cyber-resistance prove to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and the fourth industrial revolution, and in the energy sector.

As a conference event, it was the measurement of e-skills with NIS quiz for students in 5 vocational high schools studying the subject of Electrical Vehicles in Svoge, Gotse Delchev, Varna, Russe and Sofia.


The students had a church visit to the Military Academy and a walk through the academy halls.

As a result of the analysis, a decision was taken to establish a partnership initiative: "Platform for Cybersecurity Cooperation".

The platform is a voluntary partnership on the topics:

- Intelligent cities,
- Electrical mobility,
- Digital transformation of energy.

- Information,
- Education and training,
- Innovation and entrepreneurship.






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