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Unique electric cars from Melex
Публикувано на: 20-11-2017

Unique electric cars from Melex

Autogreen Greenline is a member of the Bulgarian branch for electric mobility - EVIC.

"Autolog Greenline" is the official dealer of MELEX and ESAGONO ENERGIA for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.

The products fully meet the requirements of the Climate Investment Program - Electric Vehicles of the National Trust EcoFund.

In 1971. Melex started the production of electric cars as a newly created department of the aircraft manufacturing plant (WSK-PZL) - / a plant for the production of communications equipment (Polish aircraft / in Melts). For more than 40 years, the company's main profile has been the production of electric cars. In the beginning, the United States is their main market, with their variants of electric cars being sold all over the world.

An important element is the new standard Sepex energy recovery system. It significantly improves the technical characteristics and operation of the vehicles, and also contributes to the development of the commercial network.

Gamma products:

1. Electric trucks with homologation for traffic on the urban network, fully meeting the requirements of the NTEF to finance through the Climate Investment Program to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

The camcorders feature high functionality, maneuverability, great reliability, low operating costs, good prices and unrivaled environmental friendliness. Available with many options and in different performances.

2. Electric trucks and specialized models of "MELEX" suitable for different municipal services:

(a) For the purposes of municipal social activities (social patronage)

- transportation of the elderly and wheelchairs

- supply of food with isothermal superstructures

- transport of visitors to cemeteries

- specialized coach trucks

- transport of medicines, lingerie, food in hospital complexes

b) Machines for collecting household waste, garbage cans, tanks, etc., with 220V converter, for self-powered power tools!

- The proposed electric trucks have compact dimensions and high maneuverability for trouble-free operation in tight spaces and spaces. Upgrade capabilities and options.

(c) Special vehicles for users with special needs.

* Homologated models for urban traffic

* Homogeneous machines with more options for special needs:

-Melx-392 alkaloid (one-shot run up to 125km)

- Electro Ambient MELEX-968 - 3-seat + stretcher.

- Electroaccess MELEX-379

- Electric car MELEX-366 - 6-seat,

- Electric motor MELEX-329: 6-seat + seat for wheelchair

- MELEX-Trailer Electric Roller 14-seat

(d) Electrotaxes with homologation for traffic on the national road and urban network

- 7/8-seat minibus ESAGONO ENERGIA-Shuttle

with homologation "N1": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8-t4tj6u8U

Service is provided in the warranty and post warranty period on site with the user with a specialized mobile team, as well as accompanying documentation in Bulgarian language.

Chateau & SPA Starosel, Bucharest City Hall, Romanian Parliament, Min. of the Defense of Romania, Cemetery Parks, Ecotours on the Delta Danube River, Hospital Complexes, Hotels, Security Guard SECURITAS, National Stadiums in Bucharest and Cluj, Zoo, Tire Factory CONTINENTAL, Tenaris-Silcotub International, Parliament of R.Moldova , Vinarskaya Cricova and many others.

For more information and contacts - "IKEM" JSC

Official Trading Partner of "AutoLogin Greenline"


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