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Charging station - MAR-CSM-T2

Charging station - MAR-CSM-T2
Доставчик: IKEM Corp.
Модел: MAR-CSM-T2


A new Generation Smart charging station for EVs for accelerated charge! Designed and developed entirely in Bulgaria, in cooperation with IKEM Corp.!






The smart charging station offers the possibility of simultaneously charging two electric vehicles via the built-in two Type 2 connectors. It is specially developed to work 24/7 on-line on the intelligent BULCHARGE platform and maintains all services for locating, booking, charging and payment of provided services to the operator in whose network it is installed.


This charging station is the perfect choice to build a "Charging Point", not only in parking lots and garages of business customers (trade and business centers, offices of corporate enterprises, etc.)  but also in public places for mass usage.


Type: MAR-CSM-T2
Number of connectors: 1 or 2

Power supply: 3P + N + PE
AC voltage: 400V AC +/- 10%
Nominal input current: 32A
Nominal power: 22 kW
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Maximum output power: 22 kW (contact 1)
Maximum output current: 32 A (contact 1)
Output voltage: 400 V AC 3P + N

Connectors: Type 2 (EN 62196-2) Lock system (IEC 61851)

Accuracy class: Class 1 - EN50470-3
Standard: EN61036 + A1

Ethernet: LAN

Protection degree:  IP 54 / IK 10
Material: Metal housing
Operating temperature: -30 ° C to + 40 ° C
Permissible working humidity: Up to 95%
Display: LCD display 2Ox2
Power Limiting Function: Wire Management mode according to ISO / [EC 61851-1
Weight: 35 kg.

Wireless connection: GSM / WiFi
Overvoltage protection: Arrest protection
Protection circuit breaker: RCD 30mA (class A)
Contact: Type 1, Type 3

Price: from 3950 EU (excluding VAT)

For price and terms information:

IKEM Corp.
ofia, 1 Ivan Denkoglu Str., floor 4, app.13
tel .: +359 876 634 872; +359 899 901 699
e-mail: office@emic-bg.org


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