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EVIC and SoftUni have signed a memorandum of partnership
Публикувано на: 04-10-2019

EVIC and SoftUni have signed a memorandum of partnership

EVIC and SoftUni have signed a memorandum of partnership. The SoftUni project is based on the idea of ​​an innovative and modern educational center that creates true professionals in the programming world.

The two partners are joining forces to consolidate the training of electric mobility, software engineering in the field of transport and eco-transport.

The purpose of the agreement is closer cooperation between EVIC and SofUni in order to create a practical framework for the fulfillment of mutual educational, social, economic and other goals, including:

1. Development of applied training initiatives for software professionals in the electricity mobility sector and new forms of training,
2. Exchange of information on the development of areas of mutual interest,
3. Exploring and discussing opportunities for developing national, regional and international partnerships, etc.

Now, EVIC's official partners are 73.


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