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EVIC participates in the work of the Platform for Education and Innovation in Energy Cyber Security
Публикувано на: 27-02-2019

EVIC participates in the work of the Platform for Education and Innovation in Energy Cyber Security
The platform was established on 03.12.2018 by signing an agreement between the GS Rakovski Military Academy, the Sofia Development Association, the Sofia Security Forum, the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility - EVIC.

It is the result of the first ever energy cyber security conference held in the autumn of 2018 in the fields of digital energy, smart cities and electric mobility under the auspices of EU Commissioner for Digital Economy, Ms. Maria Gabriel.

The platform has a mission to be a strategic tool for developing and promoting the main education and innovation processes in the energy cyber security sector in Bulgaria and the region.

Established by representatives of education and security organizations, such as supporting local authorities and working for a sustainable energy future, the platform shares the vision of supporting the development of analytical and energy cycling security development processes, creating sustainable models of education and professional training, and to support innovation and entrepreneurship in this area.

The main goals of the platform are:

  - Creating an information-analytical cyber security hub on "Smart cities", "Digital energy" and "Electrical mobility".

  - Identification of the needs for expertise and training of cyber security staff in Bulgaria and the region.

- Cybersecurity education and training in Smart Cities, Digital Energy and Electrical Mobility.

- Work on projects to support the development of the energy cybersecurity environment, including in partnership with stakeholders from EU and NATO member states and organizations and institutions.

- Developing a cyber-security entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Smart Cities, Digital Energy and Electrical Mobility directions.

- Develop a process-oriented systematic approach to cyber-security and cyber-resistance management in the Smart Cities, Digital Energy and Electrical Mobility sectors.

The platform's activities in 2019 include organizing events and seminars on the various thematic platforms, stakeholder partnerships and networking with EU and NATO organizations, training and education campaigns, participation in energy cyber-security projects, developing an accelerated cyber-security program and holding the first hack in the European cyber security month.

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